If there is a word to describe the freight transportation industry in the wake of COVID-19, it is: volatile. Indeed, while some carriers have seen a significant or dramatic drop in activity and revenues, others have seen surge in demand — which is one of the reasons why in the early days of the pandemic truck drivers (along with associated logistics personnel) were one of the first occupational groups declared as “essential workers” by the U.S. government.

If you are thinking of launching a freight company, then you will be pleased by the fact that historically, the strength of the…

Reflecting on the past year, no industry has been left untouched by the impacts of the continuing pandemic. COVID-19 has drastically altered buying habits and consumer priorities, putting an invigorated demand on the freight industry in particular.

As an owner of a freight company, Gagandeep Baidwan has witnessed firsthand the impacts sustained in the sector. In the following article, he articulates how COVID-19’s increased demands are dictating changes in the freight industry and how those changes might impact the sector for years to come.

An Unprecedented Holiday Season

Even before the holiday season hit, freight companies were faced with unprecedented demand. In May, the…

Gagandeep Baidwan On How to Get Through the Holidays as a Long Freight Operator

Given the current pandemic, this year’s holiday season will likely look different for almost everyone. Especially for long freight operators who are already working hard to meet the pandemic’s increased demand, the coming season will have its own unique challenges and difficulties.

The holidays have always been a stressful, high-output time for the freight industry. This year, operators will likely face even more intense conditions. Pushing through the long hours and stressful weeks may be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Freight company owner Gagandeep Baidwan of Plano, Texas is passionate about helping the industry’s hard workers to thrive through…

( Newswire.net — October 21, 2020) — In the time of COVID-19, as more and more people practice social distancing, the heroes that deserve our praise are the essential workers at the front line. The freight industry workers are some of those unsung heroes who put their lives at risk so that you get your food and medical supplies delivered to your stores and even right to your doorstep.

Gagandeep Baidwan of Plano, Texas , has managed his own trucking company for a number of years now. His company has been affected by the health crisis and the economic aftermath…

The freight transportation industry has been growing over the last few decades. Even when the economy was slowing down or going through a slump, the trucking industry kept going strong. It’s not that this industry is exactly recession-proof, but one can’t imagine cargo, food, and medical supplies reaching the stores without all the trucks tearing down the freeway.

Gagandeep Baidwan of Plano, TX, runs a successful trucking company. He really enjoys being able to work for himself and being able to choose his freight and what trips his drivers will take. With the trucking industry moving about 70% of all…

Gagandeep Baidwan

Gagandeep Baidwan, born in India. Moved to the US in 1997 with his family, he also attended high school once arriving in the US.

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